DEMA – in the middle of urban downtown HEL

DEMA Shop Helsinki has been opened in Viiskulma. Welcome!

DEMA is sustainable lifestyle shop in Helsinki, Viiskulma. In choosing our products, we appreciate durable, environment-friendly materials and recycling.

DEMA Viiskulma
DEMA Viiskulma
DEMA Viiskulma

DEMA is member of Design District Helsinki

DEMA Goes Green

We rely on quality.
Our focus on recycling and responsible production.
Our Shop uses wind power.

Sustainable Lifestyle

Ekobu chose bamboo because it is one of our earth’s most renewable resources.
Uashmama paper is made using a virgin fibre from cultivation and not through deforestation. Sustainability extends to sustainable use, finding new ways to use and reuse the simple paper bag.
Vance Kitira does not employ child labor and they do not associate with any other manufacturers who employ child labor.